Two young girls running with golden retriever in park

Why Nutrition Is Important To Pets

The proper balance of nutrients is important for all living beings – pets and humans. We all need the correct combination of protein, fats, carbohydrates, water, vitamins and minerals each day to remain healthy and function properly.

Pet food ingredient suppliers spend a great deal of time and money to determine the nutrients to put in their products to keep your pet healthy. They have developed foods for specific times of a pet’s life, usually for the very young and the very old. Some pet foods are designed for pets with allergies or to combat specific health problems like kidney or heart disease or excess weight.

Every nutrient put into a pet’s food serves a specific purpose. The proper nutrition will keep your pet healthy, with good muscle tone, strong teeth and bones and plenty of energy. A well-nourished pet will also be able to fight off disease and infection better than one that has not been fed well.

Feeding a pet table scraps is not the best way to nourish your pets. They may not get the appropriate ratio of nutrients and the less likely they will want to eat their own food. Table scraps also contribute to weight gain.

If you do feed your pet table scraps, make sure to review which foods are not healthy for them. For example, dogs cannot eat chocolate, grapes or onions. Just because a food is on your plate does not mean it is healthy for your pet.

If you want to feed your pet something special, it is better to feed them the occasional treat. Treats are specifically designed to support your pet’s nutritional needs. They also can help promote good behavior, since treats are often linked to a reward for appropriate behavior.

One other consideration in pet nutrition is the level of activity your pet naturally has. Some pets are very active and burn a lot of calories, while other pets are more laid back and will require fewer calories. Their level of activity will also change throughout their lives, so it is important to keep this in mind.

Pets, like people, require the proper nutrition to function properly. Read the labels of your pet’s food and choose wisely. For example, dog food rich in egg products will do them a world of good. Your pet will thank you!